Action sports facility with skate and BMX bowl

 The Lastenstraße 42 in Linz has long served as the headquarters for the family business Schachermayer/Rechberger. After an intensive renovation phase, the gates of the last have now opened since March 2024. The new meeting zone currently offers a variety of opportunities for both young and young at heart, ranging from action sports to high-end e-sports. This also enriches the brand hello yellow with a new attraction.

The hello yellow Bowl is a high-quality action sports facility located in the basement of the new meeting zone last – perfect for skateboarding, scooter, and BMX enthusiasts. On 600 square meters of experiential space, the scene finds a true Eldorado of opportunities to test their own limits. The last also impresses with a state-of-the-art gaming center for the young and the young at heart. Spanning 4,000 square meters and three floors, the Lastenstraße provides a versatile meeting point for all interested parties.

THE Bowl

consideration & attention

Use during opening hours


Adapt your driving style to your driving ability


Be considerate of other users


Minimum age 14 years

Report damage to the operator


Do not leave trash and do not destroy the facility

Use appropriate protective equipment (e.g. helmet, protectors)

In case of accidents or emergencies dial 144


Do not use vehicles and equipment with motor drive

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