1. Scope

1.1. The house rules apply to the entire hello yellow Velodrome. In addition to the cycle track, this includes all cloakrooms and sanitary facilities as well as the parking spaces.

1.2. Entering the hello yellow Velodrome is only permitted with a valid admission card (see 2.2.).

1.3. The current version of the house rules and the rules of use are published on the homepage at and in the entrance area of the hello yellow Velodrome.

1.4. The use of the hello yellow velodrome is only permitted with track bikes. Road bikes, e-bikes, skateboards, scooters or similar vehicles are not permitted.

2. Conditions of use and access

2.1. Persons, clubs, companies, associations and/or groups who have a written user agreement or a written rental agreement are primarily authorized to use and access the Velodrome.

2.2. Training on the cycle track is only permitted with an admission card. This will be handed over after completing an introductory training session, paying a deposit of €50.00 and signing a usage agreement or rental contract.

2.3. Accompanying persons (see 2.6.b.) are permitted access without an admission card.

2.4. Provided that the use is not restricted in time by clubs or groups that have a usage permit or a rental contract and have reserved the Velodrome, the Velodrome may be used by a maximum of 28 authorized persons for sporting purposes.

2.5. It is forbidden to train alone on the Velodrome. If there is only one driver, at least one attendant with access authorization must be present in order to be able to initiate first aid measures in the event of an accident.

2.6. Have no access and usage authorization:

a. Minors under the age of 12,
b. Minors under the age of 16, if they are not accompanied by an adult companion,
c. Persons who are under the influence of narcotics and/or alcohol,
i.e. Persons whose clothing or behavior causes offense or endangers hygiene,
e. Persons who disturb or endanger the orderly operation of the hello yellow Velodrome,
f. Persons who have been banned from entering the home.

2.7. Persons staying in the hello yellow Velodrome without authorization act at their own risk and must leave at the latest when asked. In the event of an infringement, all police and legal measures will be taken.

2.8. Driving on the cycle track is only permitted when the track is dry. In bad weather (rain, snow, morning dew, etc.) and consequently wet or icy roads, entering the facility is strictly prohibited.

2.9. In the inner field of the hello yellow Velodrome, you may only ride in the entrance area (concrete ring) and on the wood. Entering/walking through these areas during the use is prohibited.

2.10. Stopping at the barriers, sitting and putting down objects on the Velodrome is not permitted.

2.11. Eating and drinking directly on the velodrome is prohibited, drinks and food must be consumed away from the track (concrete space, grass). Carrying (plastic) bottles, camel bags or similar items while driving is also prohibited.

2.12. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the Velodrome, the traffic routes and all other ancillary rooms.

2.13. In general, the generation of fog and smoke (dry ice, smoke machines, etc.) is not permitted.

2.14. The use of the Velodrome with MP3 players, earplugs, mobile phones, etc. is not permitted.

2.15. No dogs or other animals are allowed in the entire area of the hello yellow Velodrome.

2.16. It is not permitted to use the Velodrome with marking or welt-generating elements.

2.17. Any contamination of the hello yellow Velodrome must be avoided.

2.18. Road bikes brought along must be parked outside the facility next to the entrance area outside the hello yellow Velodrome and may under no circumstances be parked inside the velodrome.

3. Opening hours

3.1. The hello yellow Velodrome is accessible during the times available on the homepage The opening hours or the approved or agreed usage times according to the rental agreement must be observed.

3.2. Access cannot be granted on the basis of the circumstances set out in point 2.4. reasons mentioned cannot always be guaranteed.

Velodrome User Rules

1. Equipment

1.1. A track bike in accordance with the UCI regulations for track/mass start is required to use the Velodrome. Additional equipment on the bike is to be installed and secured with fixed connections, insofar as this is permitted by the UCI/ÖRV regulations.

1.2. Helmets are compulsory from entering the cycle track (wood). Racing bike clothing must be worn for track cycling training, cycling gloves are recommended.

2. Lane Rules

2.1. The respective own training is always to be coordinated with the current conditions and the other trainees, a safe track operation has priority!

2.2. The track may only be used in the left direction (counterclockwise).

2.3. Driving onto the track takes place in the area of the straights. The ascending driver must not impede or endanger drivers who are already on the track.

2.4. Leaving the track should be done on the straights if possible.

2.5. When driving, the straight driving line must be observed.

2.6. When changing direction, the driver must ensure that drivers who are approaching or overtaking from behind are not endangered (by looking back on the straight).

2.7. Overtaking is on the outside (right), overtaken and following drivers must not be obstructed or endangered.

2.8. The relief in the group takes place by driving up the leader. He has to watch out for faster drivers. The following driver drives past the detached driver to the left and the detached driver positions himself at the end of the group.

2.9. Grouping is done by ramping up and connecting after the last rider.

2.10. If several groups are on the track at the same time, the faster group always drives on the lower track.

2.11. Between the group and the outer perimeter, about one meter of space must be left free for overtaking.

2.12. The area of the measuring line (black) up to and including the sprinter line (red) represents the ideal line. It is basically intended for faster training measures. “Consistent lap driving” is to be performed above this range.

2.13. Special training measures such as starting exercises, sprints, replacement procedures, etc. are always only permitted with regard to the other trainees, after information has been given to them and in compliance with all necessary safety measures.